Monday, January 7, 2013

My Prayer

I went to God in quiet prayer today

And asked Him please to show me the way.

I told Him that I couldn't battle much more

My heart slowly sinking to the floor.

I let Him know of family and friends,

That I will miss when my time ends.

I told him what my goals once were,

Is it so wrong to not want a cure?

Then with the gentle voice, hearing Him say,

"My child, this is where we must start today."

Look not at all the things you will miss,

Never will you loose the memory of their kiss.

The more He spoke, the warmer I felt,

Till finally, I was happy and there I knelt.

Crying and pleading, please show me more.

Wanting to say on this side of deaths door.

He showed me my home up in heaven above,

No more hate, crimes or wars, but abundant love.

No need to worry about suffering or pain,

There is so much in heaven you will gain.

His words came, " this is what your life will be.

Don't think of the loss of those around thee.

Look forward to your final breath,

For then you will know that you are truly blessed."

As I rose from prayer, I knew my life was great,

because of God's love, He will not forsake,

God's voice is there, deep in your heart,

"My child remember that I will never depart."

Written By: Sandie Divan

Memories of Grandma

This poem was written from a dream...

I came here to your grave to pray.

With all of the memories of yesterday

Upon your stone, lay a yellow rose,

I left behind, so you would know,

I brought my love and words to share.

I thought I seen you standing there,

Your face bright with a translucent smile.

I sat and daydreamed of you for awhile

And when I turned away at last,

My thoughts still dwelling on the past,

A breeze brought rose scent and the sound

Of your wonderful voice, still all around!

Written By: Sandie Divan

You'll Never Make It!

They said " you'll never make it,"
To this very point in your life.
They said " you'll never make it,"
Due to the barriers you put up.

They said " you'll never make it."
All the problems have multiplied.
They said" you'll never make it,"
Though my spirits may subside.

They said " you'll never make it,"
So I had to lean on faith much more.
They said " you'll never make it,"
Your strength is hardly any more.

They said " you'll never make it,"
To the dawning of the new day.
They said" you'll never make it,"
Though this was proven away.

I said " you'll never make it,"
When all the problems are heavy.
I said " you'll never make it,"
Till the end of this bright day.

I said " you'll never make it,"
Because you've given up all hope.
I said "you'll never make it,"
How can you ever make it "I say?"
Without our precious Loving God.

Written By: Sandie Divan

Whispers of Hope

Am I alone on this dark dreary road?
Wondering who will help carry my load.
Winds kicking up the dust in the air;
Look over there, a light is coming near.

Sun beating down upon my burning head;
The shoes upon my feet are heavy as lead;
Hoping for relief is much on my mind.
Hunting for shelter, running out of time.

Shadows fall, but whispers of hope, prevailing
Listening to the promises of love unfailing.
The roads so rocky and so hard to endure;
Searching for a long awaited miracle cure.

I paused for a moment and gazed into the sky;
Searching for the answers, just wanting to cry.
Writing out many excuses to run and hide;
Charmed by the presence standing on my right side.

Dissolving the darkness with your precious sight;
My hope for shelter and relief from with in your light.
Angels displaying a brilliant and sweet refining grace.
Peace and joy were written all over their face.

Thinking that He has not heard my prayers;
My heart and soul questioning who still cares.
The Heavenly gift of celestial angels surround;
Not just whispers of hope is what I have found.

Loud trumpets have been shouted from my soul;
Even through sorrows we have our tomorrows;
Although times are bleak, listen to the angels speak.
When hope seems lost, look for God and seek.

Written By: Sandie Divan

The Reward:

Many times we worry, about what we're going to do:
When faced with situations, those trials we must go through.
But Jesus never promised us, a life so full of ease;
We have access to a wonderful place, if we only use our keys

Why is it that we worry, and get alarmed by what we see
When we know Him to be our Father, a mighty friend is He
Sometimes we may not feel Him, but we know that He is near
Our prayers through tearful eyes, He said He'd always hear

Help my friend is on the way, He'll never let you down.
No matter what it appears to be, no matter how it sounds.
It may not come tomorrow, you may just have to wait;
But one thing is for certain, it will never be too late.

Take a little time my friends, you are never all alone
There is a place of utter peace before Gods Heavenly Throne.
I'm coming Lord , I answered, for the time is so very near;
I hear Him calling unto me that you are so very dear.

Come this way my child, let's take a peaceful walk;
I'll hold you and I'll comfort you and listen while you talk.
You had the courage to overcome and endure till the end;
I'm right here with open arms and here for you loving friend.

Rainbows of Promise

When there are days that life is caving in;

Faith through God will revive you again.

God said He would keep us till the very end;

Turn to His light and welcome Him in.

And should you get lost and grow a bit weary;

Turn to the one that will take all your worries;

For there is a promise of a heavenly reward;

Open your hears and trust in the Lord.

If you are wondering why you must go through;

All of the pain and don't know what to do;

Believe me I have asked myself all of this;

But the true love of God is what some miss.

All of the strength and faith that you see;

Is nothing more then a gift from God to me;

This is a gift that all of His children possess;

Just sometimes we miss it in all of our distress.

So many have special talents that go unfound;

Talk to the Lord and you will find steady ground;

Some may say that health and wealth are the greatest gifts;

Without peace and joy, I wouldn't want them on my list.

If you feel like life is passing you by;

And all you can do is sit back and cry;

Storms may seem to be brewing in your life;

Just turn to Christ and He will show you the reasons why.

Written By: Sandie Divan

Rolling Thunder

When times are rough and burdens are heavy.
Look towards the the beacon in the distance.
Rolling thunder from within your soul.
Engulfing all that has giving you control.

All that watches and guides us to and fro.
Not just a device of our nearly departed soul.
Waiting and watching from the corners around.
For nothing to be, but a shallow beating sound.

The deepest despair of the darkest dungeons.
A staggering battle to just barely survive.
The shock of reality has taken you deep under,
Listening forward to the long awaited thunder.

What wonder is it that time goes on without,
Mere compassion and the cords of the lonely heart.
Laughter and Joy but a bleak distant memory,
Forgetting, waiting and watching, what is our part?

The darkness and despair and loneliness too.
Can be but a long awaited lost memory for you.
Thunder rolls in and yet no more can we loose.
For God can take and make you brand new.

God is our STRENGTH and REFUGE you must see.
Unconditional love given by none other but He.
You will be saved from all that burdens your soul.
All you have to do is ask and put God in control.

Written By: Sandie Divan