Monday, January 7, 2013

Rainbows of Promise

When there are days that life is caving in;

Faith through God will revive you again.

God said He would keep us till the very end;

Turn to His light and welcome Him in.

And should you get lost and grow a bit weary;

Turn to the one that will take all your worries;

For there is a promise of a heavenly reward;

Open your hears and trust in the Lord.

If you are wondering why you must go through;

All of the pain and don't know what to do;

Believe me I have asked myself all of this;

But the true love of God is what some miss.

All of the strength and faith that you see;

Is nothing more then a gift from God to me;

This is a gift that all of His children possess;

Just sometimes we miss it in all of our distress.

So many have special talents that go unfound;

Talk to the Lord and you will find steady ground;

Some may say that health and wealth are the greatest gifts;

Without peace and joy, I wouldn't want them on my list.

If you feel like life is passing you by;

And all you can do is sit back and cry;

Storms may seem to be brewing in your life;

Just turn to Christ and He will show you the reasons why.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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