Monday, January 7, 2013


When your spirit seems so low,
And your life is really out of control,
Ask of our dear Father to help you be strong,
When in doubt, and life seems to go wrong,

When troubles pile up and you can't find hope,
Know in your heart that God will help you cope.
Ask of our dear Father to show you the way.
He will take the away the pain and brighten your day.

When you feel lonely and deep with despair,
Just remember that God is always there.
Ask of our dear Father to show you His light,
Angels will be sent to help you through the night.

When your faith seems to be dwindling away,
You don't feel like you can make it another day,
Ask of our dear Father to take all your sorrows,
He will give you power in the darkest of hours.

When your heart is hurting, and burdens too much,
And you feel life is like the lame mans crutch.
Ask of our dear Father to help you endure.
For God will send you comfort with His love so pure.

When you feel life's journey is drawing near,
Take comfort in Gods promise and do not fear,
Ask of our Father to cradle you till the end,
He will eternally be your greatest friend.

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