Monday, January 7, 2013

Whispers of Hope

Am I alone on this dark dreary road?
Wondering who will help carry my load.
Winds kicking up the dust in the air;
Look over there, a light is coming near.

Sun beating down upon my burning head;
The shoes upon my feet are heavy as lead;
Hoping for relief is much on my mind.
Hunting for shelter, running out of time.

Shadows fall, but whispers of hope, prevailing
Listening to the promises of love unfailing.
The roads so rocky and so hard to endure;
Searching for a long awaited miracle cure.

I paused for a moment and gazed into the sky;
Searching for the answers, just wanting to cry.
Writing out many excuses to run and hide;
Charmed by the presence standing on my right side.

Dissolving the darkness with your precious sight;
My hope for shelter and relief from with in your light.
Angels displaying a brilliant and sweet refining grace.
Peace and joy were written all over their face.

Thinking that He has not heard my prayers;
My heart and soul questioning who still cares.
The Heavenly gift of celestial angels surround;
Not just whispers of hope is what I have found.

Loud trumpets have been shouted from my soul;
Even through sorrows we have our tomorrows;
Although times are bleak, listen to the angels speak.
When hope seems lost, look for God and seek.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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