Monday, January 7, 2013

Rolling Thunder

When times are rough and burdens are heavy.
Look towards the the beacon in the distance.
Rolling thunder from within your soul.
Engulfing all that has giving you control.

All that watches and guides us to and fro.
Not just a device of our nearly departed soul.
Waiting and watching from the corners around.
For nothing to be, but a shallow beating sound.

The deepest despair of the darkest dungeons.
A staggering battle to just barely survive.
The shock of reality has taken you deep under,
Listening forward to the long awaited thunder.

What wonder is it that time goes on without,
Mere compassion and the cords of the lonely heart.
Laughter and Joy but a bleak distant memory,
Forgetting, waiting and watching, what is our part?

The darkness and despair and loneliness too.
Can be but a long awaited lost memory for you.
Thunder rolls in and yet no more can we loose.
For God can take and make you brand new.

God is our STRENGTH and REFUGE you must see.
Unconditional love given by none other but He.
You will be saved from all that burdens your soul.
All you have to do is ask and put God in control.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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