Monday, January 7, 2013

The Day You Left- Red Tack

Let me give a little bit of history on this poem. This poem was written when my daughter Jessica decided that she was going to move to Phoenix. It was right before her 18th birthday. She graduated and such. Jessica always had something going in her room and the day she left, there was nothing there. Just one thing and it wasn't her.

The Red Tack

I wish I could say that I was wise,

Missing the childlike look in your eyes.

I tried to shelf you from all those pains,

Showing you rainbows peeking from the rain.

Through the days I think of you dear.

Trying to hide from you my tears.

I know that I should be strong,

My daughter I miss you, is that so wrong?

When your years at home have passed,

I knew in my heart that the years were too fast.

My dreams for you dear daughter of mine,

Is that you are happy and be loving and kind.

What pride I have for you are the greatest prize,

Than this mother does truly realize.

I love you daughter, more than words can express,

Remember in your heart that you really are missed.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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