Monday, January 7, 2013

All But a Dream

The heart is broken unmended it seems.
The distant cries all seem but a dream.
This harsh world can at times be mean.
His love is more than you've ever seen.

The many troubles and strife's you bare,
For so many pains, nobody around to care.
You have come to this place to share.
There is not one that can really compare.

I will love you from this special moment.
Hidden messages that only we know who sent.
Were written in the hearts and go unspent.
In death the love is permanent like cement.

Worry no more what some may have said,
As time goes on you'll know in your head,
That all the angels are there instead,
Watching over you as you cuddle in bed.

Know in your heart that no matter what,
With God all the fear and pain will depart.
I know how difficult it may be to start,
Remember all you need is deep in your heart.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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