Monday, January 7, 2013

My Prayer

I went to God in quiet prayer today

And asked Him please to show me the way.

I told Him that I couldn't battle much more

My heart slowly sinking to the floor.

I let Him know of family and friends,

That I will miss when my time ends.

I told him what my goals once were,

Is it so wrong to not want a cure?

Then with the gentle voice, hearing Him say,

"My child, this is where we must start today."

Look not at all the things you will miss,

Never will you loose the memory of their kiss.

The more He spoke, the warmer I felt,

Till finally, I was happy and there I knelt.

Crying and pleading, please show me more.

Wanting to say on this side of deaths door.

He showed me my home up in heaven above,

No more hate, crimes or wars, but abundant love.

No need to worry about suffering or pain,

There is so much in heaven you will gain.

His words came, " this is what your life will be.

Don't think of the loss of those around thee.

Look forward to your final breath,

For then you will know that you are truly blessed."

As I rose from prayer, I knew my life was great,

because of God's love, He will not forsake,

God's voice is there, deep in your heart,

"My child remember that I will never depart."

Written By: Sandie Divan

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