Monday, January 7, 2013

Just One Moment:

Just one moment at a time! For no pain is so deep.
Yet we can still follow the steps of His feet.
What if this moment was to be our last breath?
Has our journey ended, or is this our next step?

Just one moment at a time! Let thou light shine.
Is my heart pure and truly belonging with thine?
Living each day with all the guidance from above;
Feeling the protection of His unconditional love.

Just one moment at a time! You send us all angels.
During our weakest most darkest of fears,
Traveling through life's journeys with you so near.
The glorious songs we hear ringing in our ears.

Just one moment at a time! Lending a guiding hand.
Granting the strength to make this moment last.
Watching and giving hope and joy to all around.
Never forsaking, offering rest in thy great land.

I asked for grace to lift me up high.
I asked for peace to journey through life.
I asked for strength to help with my fight.
I asked I was given, At this moment in time.

Written By: Sandie Divan

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