Monday, January 7, 2013

There is a Place

There is a place of quiet rest,

A place where life is the best,

A place of joy and happiness,

A place where no storm clouds exist.

There is a place with a celestial sound,

A place that is built on no earthly ground,

A place where the message is blissfully sweet,

A place one-day we all shall meet.

A place where there is a crystal lake.

With sunshine waiting when you awake,

A place so glorious, pure and bright,

A place that is a pure heavenly delight.

A place where life has turned to nothing less,

Than hope, peace and righteousness,

No more death or pain can enter there.

Because God loves us, He really does care.

When can you find this place that is so grand?

Believe in god, He will walk with you hand in hand,

When your earthly job is finished and you fall asleep,

Your journey to this place will be complete.

Written by: Sandie Divan

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