Monday, January 7, 2013

Come This Way

Do you have days, when you worry about what your gonna do?

When faced with situations, those situations we  must go through.

But Jesus never promised us life so full of ease

We have access to a wonderful place, if we only use our keys.

Why is that we worry, and get alarmed by what we see?

When we know Him to be our Father, a mighty friend is He.

Sometimes we may not feel Him, but we know that He is near.

Our prayers through tearful eyes, He said' He'd always hear.

Help my friend is on the way, He'll never let you down.

No matter what appears to be, no matter how the sound.

It may not come tomorrow; you may just have to wait;

But one thing is for certain; It will never come too late.

Take a little time my friends, you are never all alone

There is a place of utter peace before God's heavenly throne.

"I'm coming Lord ", I answered, for the time is drawing near;

I hear Him calling unto me, that you are so very dear."

"Come this way my child; let's take a peaceful walk;

I'll hold you and I'll comfort you and listen while you talk.

You had the courage to overcome and endure till the end.

I'm right here with open arms and her for you my loving friend."

Written By: Sandie Divan

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