Monday, January 7, 2013

Indirect Blessings

You don't have to worry and do not be afraid ,
Joy will come once again and sorrows washed away.
When your tests and trials start to bring you down,
He'll touch your life and spread His light all around.

If your tired and weary, with no strength to fight,
Cover your heart with the angels wings tonight.
And let His perfect love sweep you away,
Forever at peace in His loving arms to stay.

No matter how big the troubles are, great or small,
Do not hesitate to to make that special call.
A busy signal on the other end I promise you won't find,
A patient loving God is there, He is so very kind.

Are you lonely tonight and you need to make things right,
Turn to God for He will your open eyes to a beautiful site.
For all the cloudy days will seem so far way,
God will take the dark clouds and show you the Son today.

When all the things in life make you feel like you will drown,
Put your trust in God and He will always be around.
Look around your world and nothing really is missing,
You will see that everything can be an indirect blessing.

By Sandie Divan ©

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